Mustafa Sandal - All my life

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Mustafa Sandal - All my life

All my life
It`s my life
People thought that I was wrong
and I know they didn`t believe me
I knew that I would carry on
and I knew that they would see
I made a wish upon a star
and that I had my dreams
Hoping I`ll go far `cause it`s all that I need
All my life
I`d been waiting to show the world
cause it`s my life
gonna let you know just what I`m made of
and now that I see my destiny
must have been waiting here for me
now I`m gonna make it right
It`s my life
And I think to myself
I`ve been longing fot this moment
I feel I`ve got nothing left
But I don`t want nothing else
Cause I know that my time
has finally come
And I only hope that I`ll be the one
I`m standing here
I made it this far
And I know I will never be the same
I close my eyes
I can feel the changing rise within
they call my name
they call my name

Söz : Kim Sanders
Müzik : Bülent Aris
Düzenleme : Bülent Aris
Mey : Ertan Tekin
Akustik gitar : Jörg Sander
Kemanlar : Gündem Yaylı Grubu
Vokaller : Kim Sanders & Bülent Aris
Stüdyo : Booya Studios
Kayıt- Mix : Bülent Aris

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